Quilting is such an interesting pursuit. It can be a solitary experience or a group activity.

It is the same here. Sometimes people come here to work or to deliver or pick up quilts and supplies. It is wonderful to meet so many of you. I treasure the friendships, your kindness and support. It is so moving see how many folks want to do something special for our service men and women. Quilters are wonderful generous people.

I started quilting when I was five years old, a mere 60 years ago. Of course I wasn’t actually doing much except threading needles for my grandmother and her friends. They held good old fashioned “quilting bees.” Aside from lots and lots of gossip I heard what quilts meant to my grandmother and her friends. In all cases the quilts were labors of love. Some felt certain they were making art and others were making objects of comfort.

For me quilts are all of the above. As you know I think of all the quilts as metaphoric hugs. How do you think of the quilts you make or contribute to? Do you envisiojn the recipients? Do you “let them go” or do you remember every quilt you have made? I would love to hear what you think of when you quilt. Is it the recipient or something else? Is quilting meditative for you? What is your favorite part? Please share.