Sometimes we make the quilts, imagine where they will go and then we are on to the next one. Recently we got two letters that reminded me that the quilts can do so much more for families. We have posted both letters on our website but I thought it would be important to share with you here as well.

A wife wrote to talk about the quilt her husband was given when he was injured near Kandahar. She said that, “The most wonderful thing about it is the comfort it brings to my husband Dennis an the rest of our family. My husband had so many surgeries and my mother-in-law and I have covered ourselves waiting for him to come back to us. I read somewhere that you call the quilts metaphoric hugs. Our whole family have had the good fortune to feel the love and hugs you have sent to our family.”

The second letter is from a wife and daughter of a wounded warrior. I will not put the whole letter here but the little six year old asked her mom to help her write the letter and I thought I would share some of it here. Again, you may read the whole letter by going to . I should tell you that I had to write this in pieces as her letter made me weep. I tend to weep for all our warriors but this letter was very difficult.

” Dear Quilter Ladies,

Thank you for my daddy’s blanket. It is very, very nice. It is red, white and blue. We have a special way when I read my daddy my books. The red and those yellow squares go under my daddy’s chin. Then there is red and blue and it goes down. The bird, my mommy says it is an eagle goes over me folded up. The rest  of it covers us all up. It is very cozy. I read my daddy many books. I think his favorite is Good Night Moon. I have a rabbit and a book called “The Velveteen Rabbit.” I don’t think my daddy likes it that much because I can’t remember all the words. My mommy has a video she showed  me about when I was born. My daddy is laughing and smiling. I don’t know about that cause he doesn’t do that with me. Mommy said we can watch the video over and over and we can always hear him laugh. I love my daddy and his blanket. It makes me happy. Beatrice”

Beatrice’s mom tells us “my husband was injured quite badly. He has had a serious head injury and as much we would all love to see it, there is no hope for his recovery. I do think that Beatrice and her book reading is something that brings him peace. Certainly it is important to her and to me. It is the time we can all be together.”

Thank you all for all of your hard work. We appreciate you all so much. I think it is clear that each quilt helps more than the wounded warrior, we can “hug” the whole family. We are always happy to get letters from families but the most important thing is that we are giving metaphoric hugs, hopes of healing and our gratitude. Keep up the good work folks.