How You Can Help


There are many ways in which an individual, club, church, neighborhood or business can help with this project.

Financial contributions are certainly welcome. American Hero Quilts is a non profit, Section 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible. You can contribute by sending your donation to our address, listed in the “Contact Us” section, or by donating through Paypal:

If you shop on-line at, consider making your purchases through “Amazon Smile”, which provides .5 percent of your purchase amount to American Hero Quilts.  To buy through Amazon Smile, click on this link (we encourage you to bookmark it for future use):  Amazon Smile for American Hero Quilts.

Experienced quilters are always needed.   And of course others who wish to pitch in and help are also needed.   Above all we need people who appreciate what our quality quilts mean to our service men and women.  Please e-mail or blog us if you can help or if you need more information.

American Hero Quilt Standards

Quilts should be made from 100% good quality cotton.

Quilts should be approximately 63×87 inches.  We find that many of the soldiers need the extra length and width to keep warm.

Colors should be red, white and blue—standard patriotic colors.

Backs should be 100% cotton and 10 inches larger on each side.  For example, if the quilt top measures 63×87 inches, the back should be 73×97 inches.  The size difference is important for our machine quilters.

Bindings should be cut 2 1/2 inches wide,  and sewn diagonally rather than straight across.

Please don’t use beige or white fabrics on the back.  Many of our injured soldiers have open wounds which can cause stains.

Certain fabrics should not be used because they may interfere with the healing process of wounds.  These fabrics include flannel, corduroy, fleece, and fabrics with sparkles.

Fabrics should be washed and ironed before assembling the quilt.

These standards may seem overly demanding and difficult, but we cannot emphasize enough the importance of providing quality quilts to our wounded heroes.