Happy New Year.  It is always difficult to write this blog both because I feel like I do not have much to say and it would seem I am constantly having to delete so many spam messages that I sometimes dread coming here.

However, I have the good fortune to meet or correspond with so many wonderful people I feel uplifted every day. Two year ago a young lady found American Hero Quilts on the internet. She got her senior class to name us as the charity for her class. They all raised money and made a quilt for a veteran at their school. They also raised quite a bit of money which they sent to us so we could continue making quilts. This year two young ladies made quilts for a girl scout project. They got their parents and a grandmother who was a long arm quilter involved. The quilts were beautiful and they went to their owners rapidly. They also raised some money which enable us to buy quite a bit of batting and to mail some quilts. Wonderful job ladies. It is so moving when young people realize what is needed and pitch in to help.

I do hope you read the posted letters and notes. We posted one from a little girl that made me cry. She told the story of one quilt and what it meant to her family. It served as a reminder that the quilts do not just touch one person but the entire family. Every year I hope that there will be no need to make and send the quilts. So far my wishes have not come to fruition. As long as you are willing to help we will keep going.

We are so lucky to have so many volunteers, many of whom have been with us for years. Your hard work and generous hearts have allowed us to send out over 26,500 quilts which we think of as metaphoric hugs. Certainly you are the engines that make this project go. Thank you all so much for your hard work. You are all angels.

Happy, happy New Year.