Thanks to all the lovely folks who shared their stories about how they started quilting. I had hoped you would share with everyone but I did enjoy the stories.

Summer was a bit too hot for us. Very difficult to put a quilt on one’s lap and sew on the binding when it is 90+ degrees. While we are sad to see the flowers fade I admit that I am so very glad to have the temperatures falling.

The fires in Eastern Washington were just awful. We have been in touch with a lovely wounded warrior who got a quilt from us over five years ago. He is 100% disabled and he was able to put together a small farm for him and his daughter. The fire wiped out everything. He and his daughter got out and he was thrilled to tell me he saved his quilt. We have already been able to get some help to him and even the possibility of a temporary home. What we have not been able to do is figure out how to get the smoke smell out of his quilt and his daughter’s stuffed animal even though they have been washed several times. Any ideas would be welcomed.

We got a lovely letter from a wounded servicewoman  in Afghanistan. She was so thrilled with her quilt and said that it means so much to them when they get a quilt. She went on to say that they worry we have forgotten them. Thanks to all of you we continue to send beautiful, patriotic quilts to our wounded service men and women. We certainly have not forgotten them.

Be safe, keep quilting and thank you all for your fabulous hard work.