I have been remiss in not updating this blog more often. It seems that time just gets away from me. I wanted to take the time to thank all our volunteers for all your hard work quilting and the monetary donations, people have been so generous with their time and money. You are all the reason we can keep going. We are getting very close to 22,000 quilts, it is hard to believe. At our fund raiser this year Capt. Collins spoke of his time in Kandahar and of his time as the XO at the hospital. He said that the first thing our wounded warriors asked is am I going to be ok. The second thing they ask is if they get a quilt. He told us that we are there to wrap the wounded warriors up before their buddies or family see them and we are there as they start their journey toward recovery.

Recently a Captain stationed in Afghanistan called to talk with his mom. He told her that several of his men had been injured and when he went to see them, they were all covered in red, white and blue American Hero Quilts. He was so moved he called to tell her about it, she was so moved that she is now quilting for us. One of his men has been featured on several news stories. He and his dog are being treated at the same time at Walter Reed. Most of the pictures include his quilt. It is just so thrilling to know that what we wanted to do, we are accomplishing. We are thanking our wounded warriors for their service and sacrifices. We are wrapping them in love and we hope bringing some comfort from home.

Thank you all for all your hard work. You are making a difference and I am so glad that you have stuck with this program for so many years. You are treasures.