Yesterday was the first day of spring. It was hard to tell that given the soggy state of affairs here in the Pacific Northwest.

We have had the most wonderful visitors here in the last two weeks. Two weeks ago Sam and Betsy came to pick up the last quilt for the Capt. Joseph house. Betsy lost her son during the Iraq war and we initially made contact when we sent her a bereavement quilt. Betsy had a B&B but she decided to turn it into a retreat home for Gold Star families. The house is in beautiful Port Angeles, Washington.  Each of the rooms has a beautiful patriotic quilt. The quilts were made by our volunteers  and earmarked by the quilters for Captain Joseph house. You can see the house and the progress by googling Captain Joseph House or direct link from our website.

Last week Susan came to visit. Her son is currently serving in Afghanistan. He knew she had made quilts for warriors in her past. He told her that several of his men had been injured by an ied. When he went to see them in the field hospital they were all covered with American Hero Quilts. He was so moved he asked her to get in touch  and to start quilting for us. I am thrilled to say that Susan got right on it and has made a few quilts already. I enjoyed her visit here so much and look forward to her returning. She shared some photo’s of one of the warriors at Walter Reed with his dog, both being treated at the same time. The pictures had been on several news feeds. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to see our vision come to fruition.

As always, I worry that I have not thanked all our volunteers enough. Without you we would not be providing so many quilts of comfort to our wounded warriors and others. Thank you so much for all your hard work and generous spirits.