Lately I have been thinking about continuity. One example is people count on me to let them know what is going on with American Hero Quilts. It feel as though I have nothing new to say on that score. It feels like the same things happen year after year. This started me thinking about what I should be writing and the thought that I have to do better.

The thing that really got me thinking is the demise of one of my favorite appliances. Usually we don’t think in terms of a favorite appliance. Sixty years ago my parents came home one day to inform my three siblings and me that they had purchased some farm animals. We were city kids so this was just fabulous. We went and met the steer, named him as well as the chickens and the hog. From time to time we would visit them, pet them and brag to all the neighbor kids about the thrilling “farm” experience we were having. One day the Norge was delivered. A freezer! What a wonder. The next day a whole bunch of white packages were delivered. You guessed it, all our pets had been slaughtered and now resided in the Norge. My parents had strict vegetarians for over four years.  We did eventually forgive them.

My parents and the Norge moved numerous places in the United States. Thirty years ago my parents moved here and since they were downsizing they gifted us the Norge. It seemed right that the Norge would keep the food we froze and we would raise our children without a thought about the continuity of that freezer. The children are grown and we have grandchildren. At one point we talked about the Norge going to our son and his family.

Two days ago the Norge just quit! After 60 years and four generations our trusty freezer just gave up the ghost. This got me thinking about twelve years and how many of you just keep working so hard to keep American Hero Quilts going. I can trust you to piece and quilt gorgeous quilts to go to our heroes. Week after week, month after month and year after year you are so very generous. Thanks to you all.