Lately we have had a dramatic upswing in quilt requests. We try to honor all requests. It became quite frightening to realize that we had given out over two hundred quilts recently and as usual, there is a slump right before the holidays. We had a reserve of less than twenty quilts.

On Thursday November 3rd I had the honor of speaking to the Stray Threads quilting group in Woodinville. Some other people from sewing groups in the area also attended. I can’t express to you how amazing it was when I finished my speech for volunteers to do a “parade of quilts” showing off American Hero Quilts they had made to donate. Fifty beautiful handmade quilts for heroes.

That Saturday I got a call from Bagram, they only had two quilts. I called people to come sew on labels, take pictures and pack them up. Off went 97 quilts on Monday.  Three days before Thanksgiving  I got another request from another medical group in Bagram. They had 15. Here came the Port Angeles group with 75 and a group from Tukwila Washington with 15 gorgeous quilts.

The problem, not quite 100 and then I was going to have none again and no hope to have much needed quilts until well after the first of the year after folks got over the holidays. Today 2 huge boxes arrived from the Piecemakers in Montana. Beautiful quilts made for heroes.

To each of the quilting angels, Thank you, thank you. Think of all the wounded warriors we will be hugging. You are wonderful!